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About Barrhead SEO

Richard Collins


Richard Collins began his SEO journey when he set up his own website for real Singing telegrams Uk, he learned everything he could about search engine optimisation. Now his Singagrams London website ranks number one in his niche and there are currently 6 listings in the top 10 that have been created to promote this business, including the Facebook page, a youtube video and some linkedIn content too

He then went on to create this website which is error free using the 18 point SEO test. Just before launching this website, he began to create content to rank on the first page of this niche. already there are 2 videos, a google plus page, and three directories all ranking in the top 10 for "Barrhead SEO" Soon I will finish coding this website, before I finally submit the website in Google webmaster tools, and Google Analytics watch this page to see what i can achieve, I have already knocked 3 SEO businesses (net) out of the top 10.

In the next day or two I will post the full results that I uncovered about the self proclaimed experts in SEO and the glaring schoolboy errors on their websites.

I have also enlisted the services of The Barrhead SEO Avenger, a masked superhero, who will expose 1 by one the EX PERTS who cannot optimise their own websites.

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Barrhead SEO
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