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My name is Richard Collins and I offer a low cost strategy that could enable you to dominate Google for your search terms, not just for your website but potentially for all the content that you create on key trusted domains too. The aim is to get multiple instances of your content on to the first page of Google, thus knocking some of them off the first page.

Start with a Competitor Analysis Report and find out how well each of the top 10 businesses are optimising their pages. Follow the on page optimisation guide that we send you, follow the social media optimisation guide to uncover key trusted websites to create your content on, that will not only boost your website but potentially rank on the first page of Google too. Then follow our video marketing guide to rank video on the first page of Google too which will have an eye catching thumbnail to it

In addition to our Semi DIY Solution all services are available done for you too. Plus you can now rent a website that already ranks on Google page 1 for your local search terms. We will personalise it, so that all the leads and customers that come from dominating the local listings, will come directly to you by Contact form, email and telephone. The offer includes, Social media Marketing, Video Marketing and high authority link building. Each piece of content that we create for you will boost your website and push it up the rankings but will also have the potential to rank on page 1 as well. This will mean that some of your competitors websites will drop off the first page, less competition on the first page means more leads and clients for you.

We welcome clients from Barrhead, Glasgow and around the world.

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Competitor Reports

No digital marketing campaign is complete without research.

Order a Competitor Analysis Report and find out which web pages in your niche are ranking highly, how well they have optimised their website and what you need to do to outrank them.

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Social Media

Uncover key trusted websites where you can create high quality optimised content that will not only boost your website but also have the potential to rank on the first page too.

Barrhead SEO Video Management

Video Marketing

Learn how to create optimise and upload short videos that will give your business a visual presnce on the search engines. Learn how to optimise your you tube channel, playlists and videos

SEO Avenger

The Barrhead SEO Avenger

Meet The Barrhead SEO Avenger who exposes self proclaimed experts in SEO and the glaring schollboy errors on their websites. Why not nominate an ex pert to be exposed

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SEO Glasgow

Most experts in search engine optimisation will tell you that you need to optimise the pages on your own website, but not many will tell you that you need to optimise every piece of content that you create. This includes social media, directories, web2.0 sites and even videos.

When Google says that it wants to rank high quality content, on trusted domains, that is niche specific, and that people interact with, how could that possibly mean only optimise your webpage and not other content. Google has asked for content to be written in a specific way, whether it is content on your website or any other content. This method of optimising all content will help you to rank all kinds of content on key trusted domains that will also boost your main website too. The aim is not just to get to number 1 on Google for specific keywords but also to get the content you create on key trusted domains onto the first page of Google too.


Order a Competitor Analysis Report today and we will not only analyse your web page, if you have one, but also the web pages of your competitors on the first page. This will help you understand your niche, and give you an understaning of which pages you can outrank. We will show you who is dominating social media, directories and video sites, and show the areas where you could rank highly.

Follow the suggestions in the guides we send you and in 3 months time we wil complete a second report when you will be able to see the difference you have made. This service includes an 25 point checklist with passes and fails for your website and the real business websites in the top 10 for your niche. A guide to how to fix the errors on your website, an off page optimisation guide and a video marketing overview.


Not every one has a huge budget for their website to pay for a web designer, or an SEO expert, that is why we have created Rentasite. We build a website that has error free search engine optimisation in a particular local niche. We get it on page 1 of Google and only then do you pay the monthly fee. The website is personalised with details about your business and images you have for your business and we make sure that all of the contact details come direct to you.

If your business ranks high on Google there should be a steady stream of quality leads and customers coming to buy from you.

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Advanced Search Engine Optimization

If you look at the websites that are created by many so called experts in the search engine optimisation field, you would be forgiven for thinking that ensuring the optimal length of page titles and descriptions and text to html ratio are advanced techniquea. The truth is many so called experts don't know how to do any of this, or they are just lazy and are relying on the fact that you don't know about this, because if you did, you would not need them to do the work for you. Headings also seem to be a problem for a lot of the experts. Google takes a lot of notice of your headings, when done in the correct way, Google will know exactly what your website is about and what people who are looking for a site like yours would be searching for. I rarely see headings done correctly by the so called experts. I often see the words home and welcome, or the business name in the headings but this will not help Google to know what the website is about and it will not help your rankings, one little bit. Yet these things are not advanced SEO techniques but for some reason many so called experts are not doing them correctly. Google has certain languages that make it easier for it to know what the website is about including microformats, JSON, and Open Graph, I don't often find that so called experts are using these techniques at all. There are many more issues that too many of the experts are not doing, or not doing correctly. We guarantee at least an A grade for your SEO. There are sometimes server issues that prevent an A+, but we can always guarantee an A from an independent analysis tool. Everyday I see websites graded C and below by so called experts. If you have paid someone to optimise your websites, feel free to ask us to grade both the experts website and the one they made for you, You might be surprised by the results. Every page we create is certified as being fully optimised for SEO, based on a 35 point analysis. This ensures that website coding is done in a way that Google will approve of, understand and reward with higher rankings. Hence, pages on this website rank number 1 and 2 for this search term. Now this is not a very competitive niche but it did contain 7 so called SEO experts before I started this campaign. None of which had an A plus graded website. There is only 1 real business left on the first page now. The rest of the listings are content that I created about this website on certain trusted domains. The strategy that we use to create high quality content on trusted domains, that is keyword specific and people engage with, can in most niches see the clients website feature at number 1, with at least 5 other social media, directory and web 2.0 content appearing in the top 10 as well, pushing competitors off the first page. In the event that that you are in a very competitive niche, then social signals and backlinks can get us to where we need to be.

Is your website secure?

If you look at the url bar above, where you will see the web address of this website, you will also see a green padlock. This padlock depicts that this site has an SSL security certificate. This assures visitors to this site that any infomation that is typred into the website is encrypted to make it safer for them. Google insists that this information is shown to visitors, so that those who do not use encryption will be shamed by Google, and their visitors will know if the site is secure, or not. If you have your own website visit it now and see if your website is secure. If you find a green padlock, great your site is secure, if not you need to get it fixed. Before you go looking for an SEO to fix it for you, try the same test on their website. If they cannot secure their own websites, how can you expect them to secure yours. You see it's not just about getting a certificate, and activating it on the server, your website will still be flagged as insecure if you link to insecure content. It can be difficult to identify the culprits, but we can do it easily.

Contact us, if you'd like us to fix this on your website and we will sort it out so that the green padlock appears.

Test your website for free

Perhaps you paid a web designer, an SEO expert, or both (Ouch), to build a website for you that ranks on page 1 when people search for a business like yours. Perhaps they told you that they were experts in search engine optimization. Well, allow us to analyse the work they did for you. We will not charge you for this and if we manage to prove that they were not experts, how interesting would that be. We will even test their business website for free too.

Search engine optimisation is a legitimate profession where experts can enable businesses to get on page 1 of Google for their search term. However, there are many who are not experts, however much they claim to be so. They want search engine optimization to be considered as a dark art that only they know how to do, but the problem is they are not accountable to their clients.

They create vanity websites that are not keyword focussed, they show you that if you search for your business, there is your website on the first page. The problem with that is that every business should rank on page 1 for their business name, the clever part is ranking for the terms that people who have never heard of you who are looking for a business like yours. They create website that are not secure, and Google has announced that it will prioritise those websites which are secure. I am passionate about SEO and about exposing those who claim to be experts when they are clearly not. So do contact us for free website analysis and let us show you what can be achieved


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