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Before attempting any form of marketting, the perceived wisdom is that you should carry out market research.

The easiest research and perhaps the most important, is to look into your niche and find out who is currently ranking for your particular keywords. If you could only analyse all of the other websites on the first page of Google and find out how well they have optimised their websites, and what mistakes they have made, you will have a much better idea of whether or not you can outrank them. You'd be surprised how many schoolboy errors appear on the websites of even the so called SEO exerts.


Well now, you can. find out everything you need in one place.


Our Competitor Analysis Reports can help immensely with this, although they cannot find everything that Google takes note of like the age of the domain and how many people are interacting with the page. However, we can report on the on page optimisation of every web page that appears on the first page in your report, report on social signals, back links and very importantly show you which businesses are dominating Social Media and other trusted websites, and whether the content you create has the potential to rank on page 1 as well as your website.


Now, there is a trap that you could fall into straight away. The way Google presents it's results to you is personalised just for you, based on your interests and sites you've visited before. You could sign out of Google, or go on another computer, or internet connection to ensure that you get more accurate results or you could use a professional tool, to make sure your results are an aggregated and truer reflection of the best and most popular websites.


Our results are aggregated in this way, We use on page analysis software to determine if all of Google's recommendations have beencontent followed. We tell you which businesses are dominating key websites, building high quality omptimised content on these trusted domains, that people interact with will not only boost your website but also have the potential to rank on the first page as well.


In my research, I cannot find a self proclaimed expert in SEO who has optimised their website correctly, often showing schoolboy errors. In addition though, most of the SEO companies only ever try to get you somewhere on the first page of Google. They either don't know, or don't want you to know that your Social Media and video content can also rank on the first page of Google too. At the moment it is rare to find anyone optimising Social Media, Video Content or certain other types of content and this usually makes it very easy to rank content, and websites on the first page of Google. This method can easily produce 6 out of the top 10 in most niches, which has the benefit of pushing some of your competitors off the page. For those who are worried about potential clients being able to get to 3 businesses to get 3 individual quotes you can stop there, others could continue and dominate the entire first page for that niche.


Once we have completed a Competitor Analysis Report for your niche we can see which web pages you can potentially outrank, but as I said earlier a new domain may need to enlist friends, family, colleagues, customers and clients to visit your website, so that Google will see that people are engaging with it.


Included in our Competitor Analysis Report is an on page optimisation guide, A social Media optimisation guide, and a video Marketing guide. This means that if you follow the suggestions contained in your report you can seriously improve your web rankings

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