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A Semi DIY Solution to search optimisation

You may have found this website from our Facebook page, which is number 1 on Google for "Barrhead SEO",

You may have found it from a link on Google page 1 for the same search term, or perhaps from a video or other piece of content on the first page of Google. Whichever way you found us, be sure that you have found a strategy that is designed to rank multiple pages of high quality content, on trusted domains, that is niche specific, and that people engage with.

The self proclaimed experts who used to rank only their website on this page before I came along, don't know how to do this, or they would have done it before now.

Please follow the menu above to learn how this method works, and how you can do it too

Start with a Competitor Analysis Report, to help you undrstand your niche, who is ranking for your best keywords, how well they have optimised their website and which businesses you can potentially outrank.

Then you just follow the sugestions we make, to copy, edit and paste the correct coding into your page.

We will also show you how to optimise the content you create on other trusted domains, so that you have the potential to rank this content on the first page.

Look out for The Barrhead SEO Avenger whose mission it is to rid the world, well Barrhead to start with, of shoddy SEO

Barrhead SEO Semi DIY
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Barrhead SEO
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