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Let me ask you a Question?

If it were possible to dominate the first page of Google for your local business keywords, would you do it?

What I mean is if every listing on the first page of Google was about your business, and there were no competitors would that be a good thing?


Well, you are competing with the other businesses, so everything legal and within Google guidelines is fair, right?


OK, well I'm not saying that every listing would be your website, that would not be right, I am saying that every listing could be about your business.

Google say that they want to rank high quality content, on trusted domains, that is keyword specific and that people engage with. If all these conditions are met, Google are not interested in which business the content is about, they are only interested in those other factors. This means that the focus of successful search engine optimisation should be to create this kind of content on these trusted domains. There are some obvious trusted domains that you can create content on, that has the potential to rank on the first page for your local search terms. So let's look at a few of them:


Everyone knows that you need a Facebook page for your business, and Facebook is certainly a trusted domain. What people don't tell you is that for your Facebook page to rank on page one for your local search terms it has to be keyword specific, it has to be about that subject. Most people build websites, and Facebook pages that are about their business, but Google say that in order to rank highly your page should be about that subject. A web page built like this is vanity, and will only attract people who already know about your business. The key to dominating the search engines is to create keyword focused content not business focused content. It will still be about your business and will still lead them to your call to action, be it contacting you, visiting you or buying something online. So all content you create needs to be optimised as well, and that is all we mean when we say optimisation. Letting Google know, in the way that it has asked to be told, what the page is about as well as who the page is about. It also has to be high quality and people need to engage with it. Posting on your Facebook business page, what you have had for dinner, is not high quality and people will probably not engage with it. Writing about something to do with your niche, something interesting and inviting interaction will ensure that it is viewed as high quality and that people engage with it. Posting regular content in this way will increase the quality and the level of engagement for your Facebook page. It is likely that Google will only rank one Facebook page in your niche, I have seen more than one, but mostly there will only be one, so making sure that your Facebook page is the best should ensure that your business takes the first page position for Facebook pages,in your niche.


You can guarantee that Google thinks that YouTube is a trusted domain because it owns it. Just like with Facebook, creating high quality content on Youtube also has a high potential to rank on page 1 because people do engage with videos. creating keyword focused titles and descriptions and writing, long detailed descriptions also helps. Not everyone knows that there other places to create high quality content on YouTube. Applying these principles when writing titles and descriptions for your channel and playlists as well as videos will give extra authority to your youtube content and could see videos, playlists and channels ranking on the first page. Even if it only appears on page 2 it will still give an extra boost to your website.


Especially niche specific directories also need to be viewed in this way. Writing keyword focused titles and descriptions and filling every space they provide will help that content rank on page 1 and boost your website too.

Images. Putting keywords in your alt tags in your images could see your images rank on page 1 and also help your main website rank higher too.

Web2.0 content and articles

Writing about your niche, with a little bit about your business, and following the principles above could see that content ranking on page 1 and boosting your website too.

And your website too

Creating high quality content on your website, that is keyword specific, and people engage with and has links from all these trusted domains should see your site being seen as the authority site in your Niche.


I always aim to get 5 first page listings on the first page of Google in a specific niche but something happened today for the very first time. If you search for the term "barrhead seo" I currently have content ranked in all ten of the listings, No competitors, all listings are about this business. Now, this is a local search term, but before I launched the website, there were 7 so called SEO experts ranking for this term, now there are none.

Also, if you search on a mobile, making sure you are not signed in to Google, 5 videos are ranked on the first page too.

So, I have 15 listings on the top 10 of Google for my local keyword.

You could also add in adwords, news and Google shopping to completely shut out your competition from the first page of this niche. That could be 20 listings on the first page of Google all on different domains.


So don't you think that dominating Google for your local search terms would be good for your business



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