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Music Tuition Castleford

music  tuition castleford
music tuition castleford

This will be an ongoing case study as I attempt to rank content on the first page of Google, and other search engines. I received access to the domain on 5th December 2017, so we will monitor the ranking of this website, over the coming days, weeks and months, to see the effect that my work has on the websites place in Google's search results.


Damon's Music Tuition business in Castleford is the perfect business to attempt this with as there seems to be a lot of competition from directories, and agencies offering the services of various tutors. However, in researching this niche, I have discovered that not a single one of these websites have optimised the websites correctly. Each one had errors, and not one of these businesses are correctly optimising the social media, web 2.0, directory or video content.



Update: 7th December 2017, I have optimised all 5 pages for all issues except text to html ratio, and Google Analytics as these need further input from the website owner. Even without those issues, I have acheived an A+ for the main page and an A for the others. The description on the contact page could be longer but this page is less important because you only want people to contact you, when they have seen what you can do. The contact page is still getting an A, anyway. My initial research showed the domain as a C-.


We will wait a couple of days and see what impact this has on the search results. On the 5th December, the website Music Tuition Castleford by Damon Boycott was ranking at number 14 on Google page 2 for the search term Music Tuition Castleford. We will monitor any improvements. This page is also optimised for the same keywords. So the link I just created has some authority when pointing to the clients website.


I also created the video below, and optimised it and added a link in the video description.

This is only the start but we want to see what impact different changes will make on the search results, so watch this space


Update: 9th December 2017


Result details:

Keyword: music tuition castleford

Position: 6




1) firsttutors castleford-teachers National Agency or directory

2) firsttutors castleford/piano-teachers National Agency or directory

3) musicteachers castleford.west.yorkshire. National Agency or directory

4) yell music+teachers-castleford National Agency or directory

5) primavolta National Agency or directory

6) damonboycott Real local business (client's website) Secure A+ 93 Facebook signals 1 backlink

7) twangtuition Real local business. Not secure C+ 319 Facebook signals 4 backlinks

8) connorthorpeguitarlessons Real local business Secure B+ 0 Facebook 0 backlinks

9) indeed Teacher-jobs-in-Castleford-WF10 Jobs website

10)codaguitartuition Real Local business Not secure C- 0 Facebook 46 Backlinks


Notice in these results that Twang tuition's 319 Facebook signals and 4 backlinks are helping them to rank above Connor Thorpe despite the fact that his website is designed and coded better. Also notice that Coda's 46 backlinks, which is the highest number of any real business on this list, did not count for much with such a poorly coded website, and 0 social signals.


So on the 4th day after receiving access to the domain, the website is on the first page of Google, ranked at number 6 behind the national agencies and directories. So it is the highest performing real local business in the list.


The website also ranks number 1 on Bing and yahoo.


Plenty more to come. watch this space

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