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Barrhead SEO Glasgow

About Barrhead SEO Glasgow

Richard Collins


Richard Collins began his SEO journey when he set up his own website for real Singing telegrams UK, he learned everything he could about search engine optimisation. Now his Singagrams London website ranks number one and number 2 in his niche and there are currently 7 listings in the top 10 that have been created to promote this business, including the Facebook page, 2 directories and an ecommerce listing for this business too.

His work is dominating the search terms, "Singagrams London" "Singing Telegrams UK" and "Singing Telegrams Scotland"


He then went on to create this website "Barrhead SEO Glasgow" to market his skills to other businesses. It is now error free, using the 22 point SEO test. Before launching this website, There were 7 real businesses ranking on the first page of Google, for Barrhead SEO.

While you might think that there would be little competition in this niche, do remember that each of these businesses claims to be an expert in search engine optimation. In fact I found many errors on the websites of these businesses. I found it very easy to outrank the experts using my strategy. There is now only 1 real business left in this niche. All of the others have dropped off the first page


Richard Collins can design a website for you that is error free and secure. Google has announced that sites that are secure will get priority over sites that are not.

He can optimise a website that you have created, so that it is error free and secure.

He can write optimized copy for your website

He can manage your Social Media, so that it ranks highly in itself, enagages visitors and brings in leads and customers as well

He can undertake your video marketing, not only creating explainer videos that engage your visitors but also have the potential to rank on Google page 1 for the main search terms as well.

He can manage a high authority link building campaign, so get more high quality backlinks to your website.

Consider ordering a competitor analysis report, so that you can know your niche inside out.

For example, you can know who is ranking in your niche, how well they have optimised their website, whois ranking for social media, video, directories and web 2.0 sites. This information can tell us so much and even if we find a very competitive website on the first page, we will also know exactly what it will take to outrank them. In that case, it may take longer to achieve but we will know how to do it.

Richard Collins
Barrhead SEO
Barrhead, Glasgow , Scotland , G782RR Unnited Kingdom
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