Case Study 1

Barrhead SEO Glasgow

Case Study 1

Singagrams London

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Richard Collins
Barrhead SEO
Barrhead , Scotland , G782RR Unnited Kingdom
SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing


When I started working on the search engine optimisation for Singagrams London there were 6 other businesses ranking for the search term Singagrams London.

In addition, one of the businesses was using fake software and they ranked first, second and third, although one of those pages was a fake duplicate page that said not found on it.

Today, that company now only has two listing showing in the top 10 and they are no longer ranked number 1.


1) The website I created for this business. Singagrams London

2) Content created on the actual website I created.

3) The website I created for the national singing telegram business, specifically the page serving London

4) Content that I created for this business on a trusted directory

5) A competitor website.

6) A Competitor Website The website for the business that used to be number 1

7) Content on the website above

8) Facebook page I created for this business

9) Content that I created for this business on a trusted directory

10) One of the ecommerce items I created for this business


This means that there are now only 2 competing businesses on the first page of Google now, that is 4 less than when I first started. In fact 3 of those business went out of business after this started to happen.


There are 74 results returned for this Niche and 24 of those listings are content that I created.


Real Businesses


Singagrams London

This website passes all 22 of Barrhead SEO's tests

It has 44 backlinks from 13 domains

Social Signals from Facebook

and others from Google+, Pinterest and linkedIn


Let's look at how the 2 competitor pages faired in these tests



This website failed 6 of Barrhead SEO's tests

It has 3 backlinks and no Social signals



Singagram failed 8 of our 22 tests

It has 22 backlinks and 12 Facebook Social signals





Content on trusted websites - Ranking - Business


A directory listing - 4 - Singagrams London

Facebook - 8 - Singagrams London

A directory listing 9 - Singagrams London

Ecommerce listing 10 - Singagrams London


These results have been achieved in a niche without amazing competition


Check out Case Study 2 it is very revealing

It is for the local area of Barrhead in Scotland.and consists of the websites of self proclaimed experts in SEO.

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