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Case Study 2

Barrhead SEO


Barrhead SEO Story

This is a very interesting niche because it contains the very websites that have been created by self proclaimed experts in search engine optimisation. Sure, I had been successful in the singing telegrams niche and all of the other websites were so badly optimised, it had been easy to rank number 1 for the search term Singagrams London and rank so many other pages of content on trusted domains on the irst page too.

Surely this would be a different prospect altogether. Could i really outrank the experts.

What I uncovered truly shocked me, every website on the first page of Google for the search term "Barrhead SEO" had glaring school boy errors on it.

Some clearly did not understand how to do heading tags, or why Google thinks they are important. Some had not labelled images with alt tags, or written enough text for Google to think it was a high quality website. These are basic SEO tasks, how could they call themselves an expert when their work was so shoddy. At the time I completed this research, not one of the 15 real businesses in this field had optimised their websites correctly. not only that but none of them had ranked any content on trusted domains in the top 10 for this niche. No one had ranked anything other than their website. here are the results of my research.


There were 15 real SEO suppliers listed in the 210 results

The lower end results were very poor indeed with very little connection to the search term


The top 10 listings contained 7 real SEO companies.

With other results for Jobs in SEO with reed.co.uk and Barrhead travel


The top ranking site for Barrhead SEO was Jason Dexter

Analysis revealed 6 errors

Including no meta description, too many H1 tags, lack of alt tags, not enough text, no micro formats

The site has 33 links to it from 12 different websites and almost all are from other countries


There is no linked social media activity for facebook, google, pinterest linked In


There are 13 internal links and 4 external.




Bigger website expert has 6 errors including meta description, H1 tags, no micro formats or schema.org mark up, no xml sitemap and no google analytics.


The site has 2 links to it from 2 different websites and all are from other countries


There is no linked social media activity for facebook, google, pinterest linked In


There are 25 internal links and 6 external.



Build business online has 3 errors and 5 warnings including meta description, H1 tags, alt tags, no micro formats, no favicon


The site has 218 links to it from 18 domains, averaging 12 links per site ooh er 6 are from the UK. Poor quality link building.


There is no linked social media activity for facebook, google, pinterest linked In


There are 19 internal links and 6 external.


There are no Youtube, Facebook, or LinkedIn listings


There are 2 directory listings at 62 and 98


Considering these websites are written by self proclaimed experts in SEO, all the ranking businesses had severe errors. 1 had a very negative link building strategy too.

The opportunity to dominate this market is huge because of poor optimisation, lack of linked social media activity, lack of video marketing, and lack of directory marketing, and lack of link building.


Search engine results for Barrhead SEO

Wednesday 26th October 2016

NB (not personalised results)


Here are the top 10 websites ranking for the search term "Barrhead SEO" today



Barrhead SEO all en-uk Desktop National


https://www.facebook.com/BarrheadSeoStore 1

http://barrheadseo.co.uk/contact.html 2

https://www.freewebstore.org/barrhead-seo-store 3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb15Eef7_Z8 4

https://www.yelp.com/biz/barrhead-seo-store-barrhead 5

bark .com/en/gb/services/search-engine-optimization/barrhead/ 6

biggerwebsiteexpert .co.uk/seo-barrhead/ 7

jobs.livecareer .co.uk/strathclyde/barrhead/seo 8

http://www.hotfrog.co.uk/business/renfrewshire/barrhead/barrhead-seo-store 9

buildbusinessonline .co.uk/seo-services-barrhead/ 10


So following my campaign of on page optimisation, content building on trusted domains, and video marketing, I now dominate the niche of search optimisation in barrhead, Scotland. I have 6 out of the top 10, including the actual top 5.


The Facebook page, being a trusted domain tops the rankings, followed by my website, then comes my webstore, and after that there is a one of my Youtube videos, and in 5th place is the content I created on Yelp.co.uk. At number 9 is the content I built on hotfrog. I also have content at 12, 13 and 16. You may think that content on page 2 does not matter, but it is giving "Google Juice" to the website. There are a couple of other pages of content that are still to be indexed, but this has been achieved in exactly 3 weeks with a brand new website, in a domain where you would think the experts would be competing better.


How would you like to dominate the first page of Google for your niche?


Richard Collins
Barrhead SEO
Barrhead , Scotland , G782RR Unnited Kingdom
SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing

Dominating Google page 1

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