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We can provide advanced Search engine optimisation services in the Paisley area. The first thing this means is that we can guarantee an A grade from the independant website Rank Gen* (on a host that supports Free SSL certificates and we get access to all areas of the website code)

This will give your website a head start as not many websites are using these advanced search engine optimisation techniques. Even some of the so called experts in Glasgow are not able to optimise your website to this standard.



We are not affiliated with Rank Gen in any way, but we do respect their authority in the field of SEO. Google's algorithm changes so often that some so called experts find it difficult to keep up. Check out our local hall of shame to see how local companies who claim to be experts are actually optimising websites.

SEO Hall of shame

So called experts whose own websites fail the tests


SEO Paisley

This is a business based in Paisley that claims to be experts in search engine optimisation. However, on closer examination, they fail Rank Gen's tests on a number of levels.


Let's look at their homepage first. Rank Gen grades them C+ for their home page. That is not the grade you would expect from an expert. We can give you some free tips to get a better grade than that, just ask. I consider myself the Penn and Teller of this industry. They show you how famous magicians do their tricks and then blow you away by doing even bigger, tricks.


All in all the SEO Paisley website failed 7 tests, in these areas, some of them are basic errors.


Meta description F


Alt Text F

Broken links F

SSL Security F

Google + F

Linked IN F


These could all be fixed in a few minutes but even on their shop window, it is clear that they have not achieved the task of proving that they are experts. Now, whether that is laziness or lack of knowledge we may never know. I am just reporting what Rank Gen states about the websites. Fixing these simple issues would given them at least an A


As we are based in Barrhead, I thought I would test their SEO Barrhead page as well. This is a major problem with some SEO experts they optimise the homepage of a business website but don not optimise any other pages.


Their SEO Barrhead page only manages to get a C-


This page failed 10 of Rank Gen's tests, which is very poor indeed


Title D-

Description F

meta keywords F


H2 tags none

Alt text F

Favicon F

robots F

SSL security F

Linked IN F


After optimising the website we would look to create high quality, keyword specific content on trusted domains that people engage with. As with every campaign we have ever undertaken, not only would that normally propell the business website to number 1 but the other content that we create on social media, video sites, directory sites and other web2.0 sites, usually rank on the first page too. Have you worked out what this would mean? It would mean that some of your competitor's websites would fall off the first page and be banished forever to page 2 and beyond.


Order our Search engine optimisation service at our fair prices and your business couldl be dominating your niche on Google. Any guarantees will be made after the initial competitor report.


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