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Many businesses, in 2016, want to use Social Media to help their business grow, but this is more that just setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account. The way that you set up these accounts is very important. The use of your keywords correctly in this content can help a great deal. Connectivity, is also very important. How often have I seen one of those self proclaimed SEO experts with a Facebook page that people have liked but the social signals are not being recorded because it hasn't been set up correctly. Something as simple as using the same Google plus account for your Youtube account can give you added authority.

Our report will give provide you with up to the top 250 results in your niche and this can uncover trusted websites where you can create high quality content that is niche specific, that people engage with. This content, when optimised correctly, can not only boost your website but it can also rank highly in itself. It is not about building a huge amounts of low quality links to your website, which used to be the SEO expert's default method of link building. Today it is about links from Authority sites and your report could uncover many of these for you.

While we are happy to do the manual work to create your website and or optimise your website for maximum optimisation, we can also undertake a trusted website content creation campaign. This would consist of creating high quality optimised content on key trusted websites, that would not only boost your website but also have the potential to rank in the top 10 too. Not only will this include social media sites, but trusted directories, and web 2.0 sites. The thing is that we cannot undertake this service if your website is not free from SEO errors,negatively effect the results of the content we create. So for the moment, we will only undertake this kind of work for our own clients. Thus we can ensure that the content we create wil get the maximum impact.

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