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Over 4 million videos are viewed on Youtube everyday.

You tube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

YouTube is owned by Google.


So when Google says that it wants to rank high quality content on trusted domains that is niche specific and that people interact with, you can bet that it includes Youtube in that. Everytime that Google returns a search result, you can be sure that it wants to include content from Youtube. That could be a Channel, a playlist or videos. In fact if you search on a mobile phone, not only can a video rank on page one, but the section for videos that shows up could contain your videos too.

The video content that ranks on Google has a colourful video thumbnail that appears to the left of the listing. This catches the eye and statistically has more chance of being clicked on than a normal website. You can say much more in a video than you can on a website, to get your message across. Potentially your optimised Youtube channel, playlists that are optimised for a keyword and the individual videos themselves could all rank on page 1. However, typically the results that we achieve, usually have 2 of our clients video ranking in the top 10, in addition to the clients website, and other content on trusted domains.

Make no mistake that this is a very powerful medium, and ignoring it is like walking away and leaving money on the table.

Yet none of the so called experts in search engine optimisation, in my local area are using video claim marketing for their own business, and we believe that you would want to do this to demonstrate that you know how to do it. In fact, we know that The Barrhead SEO Avenger would say that if you are not using this powerful method of Search engine optimisation, you cannot call yourself an expert.

There are 3 ways to create videos that would rank in this way


1) Pay a video production company a lot of money to produce a professional video for your business

  • This is very expensive, especially as you will need three videos to put in an optimised playlist to build up authority, so this will be even more expensive.


2) Make a few videos with your mobile of you talking about different aspects of your keyword.

  • This can actually work very well, but getting a professionally made video intro and outro can make them look more professional.


3) Have a few animated text videos made to upload into your optimised Channel, and your optimised playlist.

  • Nowhere near as expenive as a video production company but could incur cost





video marketing by barrhead seo

Video Marketing service by Barrhead SEO


We create 3 animated text and image videos from the text you supply, or add video intros and outros to your mobile phone videos, whichever you prefer.

We will create an optimised Youtube channel, with images and links to your website and other web content, we will create an optimised playlist for your 3 videos, plus we will optimise the 3 videos to help you rank higher with these videos.


We recommend that you order a Competitor Analysis Report for £35 first as this will uncover if anyone is currently ranking videos in this niche. It could be that there is a competitor currently ranking highly with video, then you may think it better to concentrate your efforts on ranking other types of content on page 1 rather than compete with someone who is already successful in doing it


Order our Video Marketing Service for £50

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