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If you are going to build your website yourself, you need to be very careful.

Some very important issues are:

Website Security

When you visit a website, Google will now show a padlock in the address bar, if it is green and closed then your website is encrypted and this makes it more difficult to see and steal the information you input into forms at the website. If it isn't Google will shame the site and let the visitor know that their private details are not secure and hackers will find it easy to access your details. If you are wanting to sell to your visitors you will want to instill confidence that you are trustworthy, so having an SSL certificate is essential. For Google to take this as seriously as they are doing, it is certain to us that they will in the future start to prioritise secure sites over insecure sites. This makes it very tmportant to deal with this issue as soon as possible. Some web hosts like Webs.com don't even have an SSL certificate for their own website, and have not announced when this will be available for the webmasters who host with them. Some hosting sites will charge you for the certificate, upto $20. One.com has SSL security for free as part of their web hosting. However be warned that it is not just a case of getting the certificate, the security has to be activated and a line of code written to make it work. Even then if you have any http (insecure links) leading from your page, this will still flag up as insecure. It is important to replace those links with https (secure links). If you need any help with doing this, we offer this as a service, just ask.

Web builder

I recommend that you use a web builder and choose a template that you like. It is now very easy to design a website that looks great, it kind of makes you think, if a web designer isn't going to wtite your code for you, and not do your SEO for you, then what are you paying for?. Always ask a website designer what code they are going to write on your website, how well they understand SEO and whether they will guarantee a top ten listing for your local keyword. If they can't make that guarantee, then we believe that they don't really understand SEO at all. We offer a free SEO expert checking service, where we will check the websites of you seo expert and use independent tools to grade their SEO skills.

If you want to do the design work yourself, some web builders are easier to use and better than others. Webs.com is rubbish, whereas One.com is excellent.

Access to code.

Some web hosting sites, notoriously webs.com advertise on their home page that all websites created on their sites are search engine friendly, whether the website is just for fun, or for a business. It is only once you get inside that you find they have an upgrade tool that costs money, and that when you try to write the code that Google will reward, you find you have no access to the head section of the code, where much of it would need to be written. One.com does give you access to the head section.

Value for money.

Some web hosts are very expensive and still do not give you everything that you will need.

If you would like to use thelink below, to sign up for One.com, I have arranged a discount for you,

You can get a whole year of their basic service for just £4.80 for the first year, if you need extra pages you can upgrade to the premium web builder later, but you will have everything you need to build a basic website for the average buiness.

After 12 months the basic site will cost you only £31.15 for 12 months after that.

Sign up for One.com here



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